Featured Skater Testimonials

Interested in learning why our skaters play derby?  These testimonials will give you a brief insight into what drives our skaters.


Bones Appétit

I started derby so my friend would quit asking me to give it a try.  Little did I know she was a nine-year veteran, scouting for fresh blood!  Cut ahead to nine months later, and now I'm skating with the Rocketdolls.

I've always been a physically competitive person, and even though I'm on the small side, I've learned that my size (or lack thereof) both doesn't matter AND is an advantage.  I'm super stubborn, so what I lack in experience, I make up for with determination.  I fall a lot, but I get up quick.  I don't take the coaching and critiquing personally because at the end of the day, I'm just there to skate.

I have all the bumps and bruises you'd expect from derby.  I get hit and GIVE hits.  It's super-satisfying and it's a little bit terrifying, but it's ALWAYS fun, and that's why I do it.

That's why I skate.

Lady Glitter Sparkles

I began playing roller derby in May of 2017 and I immediately began a "love-hate" relationship with the sport. 

Obviously there's the physical side to roller derby that works you to the bone, and I love the feeling of my skates gliding with the the wind on my face while I am skating at top speed.  However, some days it's hard to get that motivation.  You just want to go home, stay on the couch, and cuddle a fluffy pillow because you know there's nothing fluffy waiting for you at practice.

Without fail, though, if you get off your lazy butt, roller derby is there to give you your energy back.  You begin skating and immediately feel better about everything.  You may have had a hard day at work, or at home, but there are plenty of ways to vent out your frustrations.  You can hit or be hit (which, to be honest, everyone needs at one time or another), or you can just skate and let your troubles wash away in the wind.

Roller derby is a rough sport, but it really does just let you challenge yourself in ways that you never thought you could.



Tye Dye

I immediately fell in love with the sport when I saw how the team worked together as a unit. I love roller derby because it helps me interact with others, become stronger, and more confident. I feel accomplished and very proud to be able to reach goals and grow as a skater.