Q: How do I join Alamogordo Roller Derby?

Attend one of our New Skater Intake sessions at the Washington Park skate track. If you missed the last intake or can’t wait till the next one you can always come out to a practice and get started.

Transferring skaters can come out to any of our normal practices.

More information can be on our Facebook page.

Q: What if I want to join but don’t want to be a player?

We always need non skating officials (NSO) and referees.

Referees need to skate but don't have to play.

NSOs help us with home games by timing, working the penalty box, or helping with scoring.

You can apply here or message us on through Facebook.

Q: What is the deal with the derby names?

Most derby players skate under a derby name that is created by the skater or their team.

They are usually puns, denote toughness or another aspect of player's personality. Most skaters pick their own names but you can be given one by fellow members.

Q: What body type is best for playing derby?

One of the greatest things about roller derby is that there is no ideal body type to play.

All different sizes, heights and weights have different strengths and utilities on the track.

Bigger girls can hit harder as blockers and bust up the walls as jammers. Short girls can get low and avoid the blockers. Tall girls… well have you seen Scald Eagle play?

Q: Is roller derby dangerous?

It’s a contact sport so injuries are possible.

The most common are ankle and knee injuries.

Concussions happen, but are rare. 

Safety is the number one concern and there are rules in place to keep skaters safe. We also take concussions very seriously and remove skaters from play if a concussion is suspected.

Q: What equipment do I need to play?

Helmet, elbow pads, knee pads, wrist guards, mouth guard, and quad skates.

Q: Where can I get my gear?

You can find some of the protective gear (mouth guard, elbow pads, and wrist guards) at the local Big 5 or Walmart. We do not recommend getting knee pads locally as these take the most impact and you will need good ones.

For the skates, knee pads and more specialized derby protective gear you will have to look at the online derby stores.

Q: How much are dues?

 $20 dollars a month for skaters that have been cleared for contact.

$10 dollars a month for referees, newbies, and any skater not cleared for contact.

New members will start paying dues on the next calendar month after they join. These dues help pay for team expenses such as gear, travel , skater gifts, and home games.

Q: Are you a non profit?

Yes we achieved non profit status in June 2016.